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Winter: The Most Slippery Time of Year!

Winter will quickly be upon us. No doubt, the winter months are that time of year where there may be ice or snow on walking surfaces.    Undoubtedly, I will soon be receiving questions about what happens when someone falls on the ice and snow and they are injured.  Is anyone responsible for this?  The answer to this question may surprise you – it often depends on how much time has passed since it snowed.

All Central Pennsylvanians know that in the winter months, we are susceptible to stormy weather.  Legal principles have been developed by our courts holding that property owners are not automatically liable if someone falls due to slippery, icy conditions.  Property owners are allowed time to clear walkways, parking lots, etc.  The larger the storm, the more time is allowed.

However, the property owner must take action within a reasonable time and must do an adequate job.  Failure to adequately clear walkways and spread salt can often lead to liability for the property owners if a person falls and hurts themselves.  The property owner will not likely be protected by Pennsylvania law because he/she has cleared walkways and spread salt improperly.    Where a person’s injuries were caused by the property owner’s inattention in clearing, inspecting or salting walkways, the owner will typically be responsible for the injuries that result from a slip and fall on the property.

If you have any questions about this article, or think you need some advice regarding a slip and fall or properly maintaining your property, please feel free to call Attorney Gregory Bair, II.  Contact Attorney Bair for an immediate, confidential, and free consultation to discuss our services.

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