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Considering a Timeshare? Just Say No!

When it comes to purchasing a timeshare, I typically offer one piece of advice……JUST SAY NO! DO NOT BUY IT! Trust me, no matter how good it sounds, your best bet is to walk away!

You see, timeshare salespeople are true professionals who have the uncanny ability to make purchasing a timeshare sound like a dream come true. In other words, they’re great at convincing you to “invest” in “your future vacations”.

But be careful, because while it may seem great on the surface, there are some serious pitfalls that these salespeople neglect to share with you.

Let’s start with the biggest problem – you generally can’t get rid of them. It is very difficult and practically impossible to find someone to buy your timeshare. In fact, most resorts will refuse to buy the unit back from you.

However if you desperately want to unload the timeshare, you sometimes have the option of paying someone else or paying the resort to take the timeshare off your hands. That’s right – YOU as the seller have to PAY the buyer to take the unit.

And if you die owning a timeshare, your family will inherit it along with the fees and annual expenses.  It will be just as hard for them to get rid of it.  So, now they are stuck with the “dream” property that you purchased years ago, and that you couldn’t unload.

So what’s the moral of the story?

If you are ever tempted to buy a timeshare, remember this advice…..DON’T DO IT!

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