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Embrace the 2020 Vision: Ensure Your District’s Policies are Up-to-Date and Legally Compliant

When was the last time your District had a systemic review of its policies? With 2019 drawing to a close, and a new decade upon us, Stock and Leader’s School Law Practice Group would like to offer a unique opportunity to our clients. The turn of the decade is an ideal time to allow us to partner with you in reviewing your District’s policies from Local Board Procedures, (000s), to Community (900s).

Specifically, we offer our services in three ways—

  • Basic Policy Review: A collaborative-cost-sharing opportunity in which we review and revise the policies of all districts opting into this service, attributing and assigning the cost among participating districts;


  • Check on Internal Procedures and Forms: A review and/or provision of administrative regulations and additional forms associated with and catered to the objectives of your District’s policies, as applicable and necessary; and


  • Policy into Action: A policy only works if the district is trained to implement it properly. Ensure your central administration, building administrators, and teaching professionals are not only aware of their legal obligations but know who to report to, for what, when, and why/why not.  This comprehensive training, either catered specifically to the needs of your district, or provided collectively via a conference call, will provide your District’s personnel with the training to implement policies as required.

How will we accomplish such a lofty goal within the next twelve months?  With your collaboration and a lot of planning!  Here is the proposed/tentative schedule for focusing on and releasing revised policies, procedures, and training:

January through to mid-February: 000 Local Board Procedures

Mid-February through to the end of March: 100 Programs

April through to mid-May: 200 Pupils

Mid-May through to the end of June: 300 Employees

July through to mid-August: 600 Finances

Mid-August through to the end of September: 700 Property

October through to mid-November: 800 Operations

Mid-November through to the end of December: 900 Community

Make it your District’s New Year’s resolution to partner with us in a comprehensive review of policies and procedures, coupled with the delivery of valuable professional development. As always, the School Law Practice Group at Stock and Leader is here to help you navigate and update your District’s policies and practices.  Opt in to gain 2020 vision heading into this new decade!

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