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DEP Extends General Permits for Biosolid Application and Generation

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has extended the availability of the current General Permits for the Beneficial Use of Biosolids by Land Application (PAG-08), the Beneficial Use of Residential Septage by Land Application (PAG-09), and the Beneficial Use of Exceptional Quality Biosolids by Land Application (PAG-07). The current General Permits were set to expire on April 2, 2016.

With the extension, persons who have submitted a timely Notice of Intent to renew and are operating under the current General Permits may continue to operate for an additional twelve (12) months, or until April 2, 2017.

Biosolids are nutrient-rich organic materials that are generated from the treatment of wastewater and residential septage. The application and generation of biosolids are regulated by DEP. Each General Permit covers a category of biosolids based on quality. In order to land apply biosolids or generate biosolids, first the quality of the biosolids being applied or generated must be determined. Then permission to operate under the appropriate General Permit must be obtained.  Once permission is granted by DEP, appliers and generators must comply with the criteria of the permit. This includes 1) locating sites for application or generation that meet the specific site criteria in the regulations and permit, 2) providing notice to adjacent landowners, DEP, and the county conservation district prior to using the site, and 3) obtaining approval of the site from DEP. Site approval requires an evaluation of several factors by DEP, including the quality of nearby watersheds, the proximity to residences, and any potential habitation by endangered or threatened species. It should be noted that if the location of application or generation is within a High Quality or Exceptional Value watershed, then the applier or generator must obtain an individual permit and cannot operate under a General Permit.

If you have questions or concerns about renewal under the General Permits discussed above, or about biosolid application or generation, please contact our Environmental Group.

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