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Kate Hynes Featured in The Glass Ceiling Exhibit at York College Center for Community Engagement

August 26, 2021 – The York College Center for Community Engagement celebrated the opening of The Glass Ceiling, curated by Ophelia Chambliss. 

Twelve artists created paintings of 12 local women, who each share their story of how they broke the “glass ceiling” in their personal or professional lives. Among those 12 women – Attorney Kate Hynes!  

Artist Bonnie Gloris describes the figures she incorporated into the painting of Kate. As part of the display, Kate’s written words:

Law school now graduate an equal, if not greater, number of woman as they do men. My attaining partnership in a firm, once rare if not unthinkable, is now routine. I owe a debt of gratitude to the incredible women who preceded me, in my firm and in my profession, and broke the glass ceiling. Shards of that glass remain, though frequently veiled. The remnants are not often readily apparent until I find myself once again seated at a table of influence as the sole woman.

The ceiling will not completely disappear until the table includes everyone in full measure. There is still much to be done. I work to tear down the remaining barriers through mentorship, cultivation of talent, and advocacy for change. One person alone cannot change the tide, but together we can and will.

The York College Center for Community Engagement shares the following on its website: 

 The glass ceiling is a metaphor for the invisible barrier that prevents many women and minorities from achieving goals and positions. The glass represents being able to see before you, opportunities that you are often not able to attain despite your suitability and your best efforts.

 The Glass Ceiling exhibition is a series of paintings, stories, testimonials, and spoken and written word pieces by women that address the issues of realizing, reaching, and breaking the glass ceiling to success in their careers and personal lives. The project is a communication and collaboration of women, sharing with other women, intending to make way for young ladies and girls behind them. 

 The exhibition opening coincides with Women’s Equality Day and kicks off the Center for Community Engagement’s 2021-22 program series, Understanding Gender.  This exhibit is open to the public during weekdays and on display through May 2022. 

We congratulate Kate and the eleven amazing women featured in this installation!

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