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The Proof is in the Putting – South Middleton

Join Stock and Leader’s Special Education Attorneys for The Proof is in the Putting…Putting Together a Legal Defense, That Is!

Key concepts include:

Practical: Retaining and Managing FERPA Records in light of the new Statute of Limitations.

  • Creating a litigation-defensive email and text policy.
  • Emails as education records – Current Caselaw and Consensus.
  • Texting by educators – Best Practices for Defensible Communication.
  • Managing email retention with your technology department.


  • LRE compliance and documentation.


  • Mounting a Defense to Parents who Refuse to Engage with the IEP process through Behavior (dis-enrollment, refusal to respond, requesting Home instruction).

We recommend this program for Directors, Supervisors, Pupil Personnel Administrators, head teachers, Instructional Advisors, and District Psychologists.

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